board award

The Concord Community School School Board has been recognized by the Indiana School Boards Association (ISBA) with an Exemplary Governance Award for calendar year 2023 for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to professional learning and student success. Board members were recognized Wednesday, April 17, during ISBA’s spring regional meeting. 

The board received a “Commendable” board award. Board President Kami Wait, Vice President Jennifer Davis, and Member Tim Yoder also received “Exemplary Honor Roll” recognition for their individual service. 

Board awards are based on points earned by each member for attending ISBA seminars, workshops, conferences, and other learning events, as well as the board’s completion of certain additional criteria, such as a retreat with an outside facilitator and goal setting to elevate student achievement outcomes.

“On behalf of ISBA, I would like to commend this most exceptional group of school boards and school board members,” said ISBA Executive Director Terry Spradlin. “School boards perform a vital public service for their communities, and board members who actively participate in professional learning are better equipped to perform their duties effectively and meet the needs of their students.”

Concord’s five-member board includes Kami Wait, president; Jennifer Davis, vice president; Tara Towner, secretary; Tim Yoder, member; and Mike Malooley, member.

More information about the Concord School Board can be found online at