I love student leaders. These two students wanted to gather information from the staff and students to help Mr Hartsough make an informed decision on a program that some students are using and if we should use it next year. #leadoneastside #concordpride
3 days ago, Concord East Side
Sharing data from a survey with Mr H
How do igloos keep you warm? Third grade is studying igloos and Inuits. #concordpride #leadoneastside
3 days ago, Concord East Side
Figuring how igloos keep you warm.
As a Leader in Me School it is awesome seeing students taking leadership skills and teachers sharing with students how to seek a win-win situation. #leadoneastside
4 days ago, Concord East Side
Student leader
Seek win-win
What a great family project. Our families are so creative with making snowmen!
10 days ago, Concord East Side
Image 3
Image 2
Image 1
How does a bear get their food in the winter? These kindergarten students are working to get to the berries from the frozen cubes. #concord pride #leadoneastside
11 days ago, Concord East Side
Strategic planning together to get the food.
What strategy to use to get the berries?
How to get the berries???
We want to welcome our Bethel student teacher, Miss Nevison. We hope you have a great experience in Mrs Velie’s 3rd grade classroom. Welcome to East Side!
19 days ago, Concord East Side
Miss Nevison
We want to welcome Mr Jones, who will be teaching 4th grade for the rest of the year. Welcome to East Side!
19 days ago, Concord East Side
Working with student.
Mr Jones
Concord Community Schools will be closed Monday, Jan. 4 due to power outages. There will be no school in person or online. Classes resume Tuesday in the hybrid format. Group B students will report in-person. Virtual and Group A students will complete virtual lessons from home.
21 days ago, Concord Schools
Schools closed graphic
It is always great to recognize hard work by students. Hard work pays off. Perfect Math Tests in 3rd Grade. #leadoneastside
about 1 month ago, Concord East Side
Perfect Math Tests
Perfect math tests
Being a nurse in a school during a pandemic is greatly appreciated. They are doing such an amazing job! However at East Side we have one nurse leaving and a nurse joining us. We would like to congratulate Mrs Coyle on her retirement at the end of the month. We would also like to welcome Mrs Fields to East Side! We are excited for both. #leadoneastside #concordpride
about 2 months ago, Concord East Side
Congratulations and Welcome
We have some special occasion days next week. It is the Season! #leadoneastside
about 2 months ago, Concord East Side
Special days December 14-17
December 14-17 special days
We have an awesome School Board at Concord! Mr Yoder wanted to help out a teacher who had a birthday this week. He covered her recess. Thanks for giving back Mr Yoder! #concordpride #leadoneastside
about 2 months ago, Concord East Side
Thanks Mr Yoder
Creativity at its best as this student worked on fine motor skills. She used a cat image to make a bear because she wanted a bear. Great creativity! #leadoneastside
about 2 months ago, Concord East Side
Creativity at work in kindergarten.
Our fourth grade has been working on a number of activities to improve their writing. They have been using “Yes Ma’am” to share textual evidence to using macaroni to help with punctuation. Great job students!
about 2 months ago, Concord East Side
Evidenced based writing
Macaroni punctuation
Just a reminder that Winter Break will be from December 21-January 1.
about 2 months ago, Concord East Side