Lunch Procedures 2022

Lunch Visitors Rules 

Starting in September, East Side is welcoming our families back to having lunch with their students this year.  Due to the number of students East Side has, some rules have had to be established.

  1. Only one family per grade level will be allowed each day.

  2. There is a maximum of 2 visitors.

  3. All visitors will need to have the ID with them to sign in and sign out of the building.

  4. Parents will have to call the office at least 24 hours in advance and schedule an “appointment” to join their child for lunch.  Please do NOT contact the teacher, only “appointments” scheduled through the office will be accepted.

  5. Parents will be able to sign up to have lunch with their child no more than once a month in order to give other families an opportunity to do the same.

  6. NO restaurant food is allowed in the cafeteria.  Ex: McDonalds, Subway, Little Caesars, etc.

  7. If you are not feeling well, please do NOT come in.  If you are clearly sick, you may be turned away.

  8. We ask that you leave after the lunch period, and not go out to recess or walk your child back to class.  Thank you!