evening hours

If you are enrolling a new student this year or if you have information to update (such as a new home address or custodial information), we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to complete this process during our Evening Enrollment Hours, starting this week.

Enrollment support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Evening hours will also be offered from 4:30-7:00 p.m. March 12, March 14, March 20 and March 21. This is an opportunity to enroll new students, or provide updated information about current students.


Complete the online New Student Registration form at www.concordschools.com/enroll. If you need a device to use, please come to the Concord Education Center, 59040 Minuteman Way, Elkhart, IN 46517. You can upload the requested documents listed below online, or bring them to the Education Center so copies can be made.

What to bring:

  • Parent/guardian photo ID

  • Child’s birth certificate

  • Mortgage statement or lease/rental agreement

  • Vaccination records


We have begun sending Returning Student Registration Forms to families of current students. If you have not yet received yours, you will receive an email before April 1. Thank you to those who have completed this process already!

Certain information such as change of address or change of custody cannot be processed without documentation supporting that request. If you need to update your home address or custody information, please come to the Concord Education Center, 59040 Minuteman Way, Elkhart, IN 46517.

What to bring:

  • If you’ve moved and are still living in the district, please provide an updated rental/lease agreement or mortgage statement

  • If you’ve moved and are no longer living in the district, please complete a transfer student request form

  • If you wish to update custody information, please provide court documentation supporting that request