Concord Leaders

Dan Funston, Superintendent of Concord Community Schools, is one of 10 leaders from across our state who was selected to serve as a co-chair on a statewide coalition to develop a statewide modern youth apprenticeship system in Indiana. The CEMETS Implementation Lab (iLab) Indiana collaborative, guided by the Center on Economics and Management of Education and Training Systems (CEMETS) in Switzerland, will explore how to increase the availability of Modern Youth Apprenticeships to all Hoosier students.

Mr. Funston is serving as co-chair of the High School Committee. Dr. Lisa Kendall, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Programming, is also serving on this committee. Thank you to Mr. Funston and Dr. Kendall for your leadership at Concord and the state level!

The iLab collaboration is made possible through the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation as well as the support of 100 Indiana leaders including corporate CEOs, university presidents, K-12 superintendents, and state government officials. The coalition was developed to develop a statewide Modern Youth Apprenticeship program as a potential solution to the state’s workforce crisis.

The Modern Youth Apprenticeship model allows high school students to participate in a two to three year work-and-learn program that culminates in a high school diploma, college credit AND industry credential, while also preparing students for in-demand careers.

Concord has been acknowledged as a leader in the nation for modern youth apprenticeships and looks forward to the continued growth of the program, underscoring its dedication to fostering additional opportunities for students to thrive. This opportunity is made possible through a partnership with the CareerWise Youth Apprenticeships program through Horizon Education Alliance. We are fortunate to have an incredible leader in this area — Sarah Koontz, Director of CareerWise Youth Apprentices — who is also a former Concord employee and current Concord parent! Thank you, Mrs. Koontz, for your outstanding work in this area!

Concord's expanding apprenticeship program currently engages 15 Concord High School students as future educators, translators, mechanics, maintenance/groundskeepers, and technology roles as well as youth apprenticeships at local businesses. Beyond earning a paycheck, apprentices develop essential soft skills, pursue certifications, and gain invaluable hands-on experience.