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CareATC Clinic

We offer a health clinic available exclusively to employees and dependents enrolled in our health insurance plan. The clinic offers convenient, quality care at ZERO cost!

  • $0.00 copay for all visits!

  • $0.00 copay for labs!

  • $0.00 copay for generic, maintenance medications!

  • In-person OR virtual appointments available

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CareATC Clinic

FREE Telehealth Appointments

We offer FREE Telehealth visits through Beacon's Virtual Urgent Care program to all employees who work 20+ hours per week, even those who are not enrolled in our health insurance plan!

To schedule a free telehealth visit, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the "Beacon Connected Care" app OR visit

  2. Create an account using our "Service Key."

    • Click the tablet on the right to access our Service Key.

  3. Schedule an appointment suited to your needs.

Schedule an Appointment!

To schedule a telehealth appointment, click below.

Beacon Connected Care

Prescription Medications

It can be challenging to find the most affordable pharmacy to fill your prescription medication. Whether you need a prescription medication for maintenance of an ongoing condition or for the treatment of an acute illness or condition, we've got you covered!

Step 1

Check with our CareATC Clinic!

Step 2

Check with Serve You Rx!

Step 3

Visit Your Local Pharmacy!

Step 4

Check with Rx Manage, our International Pharmacy Partner!

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CareATC Clinic's No-Cost Medications

CareATC Clinic's
"No-Cost Medications"

Serve You Rx

(Serve You.)
DirectRx Pharmacy

RX Manage

RX Manage
International Pharmacy